Tuesday, September 7, 2010

#34: Create Family Book - 2005

It's amazing what motivation a list can make! Tonight we didn't have much on TV we wanted to watch, so we turned on something mindless and I worked on our family scrapbook for 2005 (I'm mostly a digital scrapper). I've decided to do one for each year of marriage, sort of like a family yearbook. I took WAY fewer pictures before Little Man came along, so I didn't have too much to work through with this album, which made it come together quickly!

I wanted to show some of the pages, but they all (but this one) had personal info that I didn't want on the web. So here is one page from our Honeymoon. Simple & sweet, but memories all in one place.

It is amazing to me how much digital cameras & picture quality have improved in the last 5 years!

 So, #34 is checked off the list! Well I guess not technically since it's not printed yet, but that's the easy part thanks to Costco, so I'm declaring it official!

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