Saturday, June 30, 2012

#87: Go on the “Cookie Cruise”

We went on the "Cookie Cruise" this week and had such a great adventure! The cruise itself was quite hour on the Catawba Queen with cookies, juice, storytime, & dancing! The captain gave us free putt-putt passes to use after our cruise ended and then we finished up the morning on the Sprayground at Hope Park. It was a great way to spend a hot summer day!

Taking his "captain" duties quite seriously.

#61: Convert Guest Room to Little Man's Big Boy Room

Baby #2 is due in mid-August, so we needed to finally give Little Man the boot from his crib & nursery. We painted, moved all his clothes, some books/toys, and finally over Spring Break he started sleeping in the Queen size bed in there. A Queen bed seems excessive for a 3 year old, but it is our only extra bed for guests, so we decided to keep it. When we have guests (mainly, my parents) Little Man sleeps in his PeaPod, which he loves!

#60: Paint free Craigslist dresser

I'm counting this as "checked off" even though it didn't exactly go as planned. The dresser I scored for free on Craigslist was too big for the space, so it sat in the garage for almost 2 years collecting dust (and became a home to many spiders...ick!). During a recent nesting spree where our garage was the victim recipient of a big clean-out, it found a new home at my brother-in-law's house where it was needed in the basement. Even though I didn't paint it & give it a new life, it has new life in another home. Good enough for me!

#38: Create & complete our “Family Book – 2009”

I think having Baby #2 due soon lit a fire under me to get caught up on some scrapbooking before I fell even further behind! I finished up our 2009 Family Album. Still need to have it printed, but all the hard work is finished!

Football Fever in our family...even if we cheer for different teams!

#33: Finish Little Man's Baby Book

This is one that I'm SO EXCITED to check off! It may not win "Baby Book of the Year", but J's entire 1st year is documented. I still need to have the book printed, but the hard part it done. Wahoo!

Collage page from his 1st Birthday Party

#22: Get involved in a Small Group at church

It may have taken us almost 2.5 years of sporadically attending Calvary West, but we've finally gotten involved in a small group (Bible Fellowship Class) and are really enjoying it! Very thankful God has a place for us to be plugged in that we enjoy & feel comfortable.

#6: Visit 5 new-to-us restaurants in our area

Checked off 2 new-to-us restaurants recently:

2) 4th Street Filling Station

Enjoyed them both & have been back!

update: March 2013

3) 2520 A new favorite!! Been several times - always delicious!

4) Midtown Cafe