Wednesday, March 6, 2013

#94: Host a kid-friendly cookout/pizza night

We hosted 2 families for a "Make-Your-Own Pizza Night" in February 2013. Lots of fun with the families!

#81: Visit the Children's Museum (2/5)

Jeremiah's 3 year old Preschool Class took a field trip to the Children's Museum in May 2012. Lots of fun!

#80: Visit Tanglewood (15/15)

I don't have specific dates for these trips, but we've been to Tanglewood PLENTY over the last few years. We get good use out of our annual pass. Very thankful to live so close to such a great park!

#71: Create & follow a budget for 6 months

In September 2012, we signed up for & attended our first FPU class. It was life changing! It helped us make a budget & actually stick to it. I can't imagine we'll ever deviate from our this system. It's practical & has helped us so much!

#57: Carve a Pumpkin

We carved 2 pumpkins in October 2011. 

It was messy & gross. I think we'll stick to painting pumpkins from now on!

#12: Go on a picnic (2/5), (3/5), (4/5), (5/5)

We've enjoyed several picnics, even though I haven't documented them all. A few from memory...
2) Bojangles picnic at Tanglewood with Mimi
3) Picnic with Jeremiah & Josh at Tanglewood Train
4) Picnic at Dan Nicholas Park with Marions & Masons
5) Picnic at Tanglewood Train with Marions

#11: Visit a NC Winery

I really wanted a unique experience for this, but due to various circumstances I have not been able to drink and/or had the time to visit local wineries. So, I'm going to count our visit to the Biltmore Winery. I enjoyed sampling!