Sunday, September 11, 2011

#91: Potty Train Little Man

It took almost an entire summer, but I'm going to declare Little Man potty trained (although #2 is still in progress...).

365 Pics - Page 163

#25: Attend a Ladies Weekend Conference

I was fortunate to attend a Living Proof Live event in Charlotte in late July with some sweet lady friends. After a particularly tough year, I found the topic of "Hold Fast" to be a perfect lesson/reminder. What a blessing!

365 Pics - Page 203

#10: Go Apple Picking

We were able to go apple picking for FREE thanks to some sweet friends with an abundance of apples on their apple trees. Little Man ran around with a buddy while I talked to his mommy and picked way too many apples. I made apple butter, canned sliced apples (for baking or to be pureed into applesauce), made 5 apple pies, and ate a lot of fresh apples. Lots of fun!

365 Pics - Page 241